Monday, February 28, 2011

What a cool night!

Satuday night, Feb 26th at Tango Del Rey was a great time! Here's a big "Vitual Hug" to all the loyal friends who braved the weather and made it out to Tango Del Rey. The surprise B-day party was a total success and the evening in general was filled with great music, conversation, food and dancing. Thanks so very much to the Scottie "Mad Dog" Blinn band, (thanks Scot, Al and Stephan) who got things off to a great start. To Rebecca Russel (from Red Door Interiors) for all the time and effort she put in on decorating and staging. To Jay Berman, for sharing his incredible talent on the grand Piano with my band of awesome players. ZeroGravity's line-up included: Kurt Kujawa - guitar, Jerry Cox - Bass, Tony Garrick - Drums, Wayne Marcus - Harmonica/vox, and Dean Smith - percussion and special guest Steve Burns (Burnsville Band) sitting in on 2nd guitar. It was a true pleasure gentlemen. Many Thanks to the staff @ Tango Del Rey. To Mario from for videotaping the evening, " Thanks Mario" I look forward to seeing what special moments you captured. To all those wonderful new friends we made, thank you for sharing our good time and welcome to the party! If you're not on my/ZG's email list take a minute and sign up so we can stay connected. With you there to share the music we have a party.


Deborah Blake

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


You know as time passes it becomes more and more apparent just how small the world really is. SD has always had a "music scene" how ever good or bad it's described depends entirely on who you talk to, and how things have gone for that particular musician. My experience in this town has been a long and winding road complete with ups and downs. It's been a friendly neighborhood filled with great friends and experiences, as well as a dark and sinister back lot at times. Through the numerous transitions ZG has moved through I'm left with precious memories and of coarse a fair number of disturbing ones recounting those occasions when friends/band members move on or are shoved aside, (hence the penning of "Dear John") lol.

2011 is starting out with what's shaping up to be firm foundation. We've been "dating" our newest members for enough time to have answered the tough and intimate questions like; Is this guy willing to put the time in?, Does he come with a lot of drama? How is he going to treat us when he's "in a bad mood"? And, is he willing to promo his own band or does he just have his "hand out"? Assuming our impressions of one another are true and not "acceptance out of desperation", we might just have something that could be the next 10 year (or more) stretch for ZG. Not a feat easy to accomplish when everyone in the band are all past the age of  the "Let's all rent a house and start a band" phase. It's time in life to make room for families and life out side of the band too.

I have a feelin, it's gonna be a good year and anticipate a lot good music and fun in store. Starting with a fun party/gig we have scheduled on Feb 26th, followed by a rockin St. Patty's Day.

Signin off
Death Before DJ's, Keep it Live!

Here's the scoop

Friday, February 4, 2011

Getting started...

Well it's 2011 and things are getting off to a nice start. As usual there has been the continued hunt for the perfect mix of players who have the skill, heart, time and desire to help forward the band. SD has a rep for being a difficult (i.e. unfriendly) town for bands to call home. Lots of  "hired guns", not a lot of experianced players willing to settle in without a lot of  "guarentees". However with a good spirit and proper use of time so as not to lose motivation during the "dry" seasons the band can survive albeit "virtual" at times.

On the bright side the hunt has turned up some really fun collaborations and resulted in what appears to be a really nice combination of veteran players and we seem to be stumbling upon a very cool vintage sound with a freedom only we pirates know. I have to say I'm quite excited about getting together for rehearsal these days because it's proving to be just plain FUN. We're preparing for a show this month and it's one of the first I've done in a while that I know will be a "good time" just based on the playing with this group in this venue. Now if the turn out is a good one - and I have reason to believe it will - that will just put it over the top.

Here's a shout out to my now long time performance and writing partner Kurt Kujawa - guitar, our bass player for the past 7 months Jerry Cox, newest members long time friend and fellow jammer Terry Padgett - guitar, and drummer Tony Garrick. Topping off the list will be Wayne Marcus, killer harmonica player and one of the most soulful singers this side of Chicago. Joining us when the venues will support those cool embelishments is percussionist Dean Smith. Yet to be added - that elusive B3/keyboardist, but we have his scent and will flush him out soon enough.

Not a bad start to 2011, right?

That's it for tonight, signing off___Bluesmonkey