Friday, July 1, 2011

The Evolution continues...

One of the most exciting (and challenging) parts of band life is the constant evolution and the strength or vulnerability that follows the changes. Since 1998 I have watched this band morph it's way through the years yet somehow maintain a relatively consistent sound. No doubt due to the reworking of some long held to favorites and re-incarnations of former band members together with new blood. This year 2011 (and part of 2010) the performance side of the band has picked back up and I must say I have enjoyed the opportunity to interact with the crowd and "party".  Of coarse getting back on track and ramping up means, work, work, and more work and now all I have to say about that is "It's worth it. We're looking forward to ROCKIN through the summer and if the wheels don't fall off I'm even beginning to plan on reviving one of my favorite private party gigs if I can get my friends to fly in from Texas. And if that doesn't happen well the fall looks good, the music is happenin', and we'll just have to see what the season brings us.
Wanna see us in your town, here's where to find us (sorry about the duplicate entrys on July 16th posting, can't figure out how to totally delete it yet)
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