Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Night of Sweet Relief

It restores ones faith in humanity when you can get involved in organizations like Sweet Relief Musicians Fund and find venues and musicians that will enthusiastically get on board to participate in the effort to support the entertainers that continue to put their heart and soul into the art they so love, often at the expense of their own welfare. One such venue is Parkway Bar owned by Katie and Doug Halvin, in La Mesa. I didn't have to ask twice and they offered to move my scheduled gig to that date so I could not only support the annual event but additionally participate by playing live on the scheduled evening.

I contacted countless venues and to my amazement didn't even recieve an acknowledgment from many. I can only hope they will simply follow the supplied link and register. Mind you there is nothing to do but register the venue and take in $1 suggested donation,of coarse there are elevated levels of participation as well offered in exchange for premium advertising slots. All donations recieved are then placed in a fund to help disadvantaged, ill, and ageing musicians. Lord knows very few of them are able to fund retirements or afford healthcare insurance. Yet these very same venues will hire musicians for meager wages, expect them to perform like "professionals" charge them for drinks, food, a soda or bottle of water, expect them to bring the PA, and the crowd, do their own and the venues advertising and then refer to them as "flaky musicians" because they request a decent pay even during "hard times". I was also surprised with the lack of compassion and participation many musicians demonstrated with a pass or flat no response when they could have helped by simply encourging the venue they are already scheduled in to sign up, put up a poster and help their fellow musicians. If not to help someone else you'd think they would see the benefit of at least "looking" like they had some concern while getting the free advertising. WTF. It's really quite something after listening to all the whining amoungst both parties about the economy or what the government isn't doing to "solve this problem" for them, blah, blah, blah. The word Karma comes to mind.

So to those venues and artists/musicians that ARE willing to make an effort, Bless you, may you have good karma and I hope you feel this virtual hug! Please let's make a difference even if it's a small one. We could all use "A Night of Sweet Relief"
Join us Oct 15th