Sunday, March 24, 2013

Deborah Blake & ZeroGravity band
I need a "Pause" button! Wow, already nearing end of March 2013. Let's see, changes ? , always.
DBZG lineup: Art McAvoy-drums, Jeff Stedman-bass, Lenny Locken-guitar; Special guests; Mike Keene-Guitar, Reuben Vigil-Guitar, and Eddie J - Keytar 
Sidemen: Steve Nichols-guitar,Jerry Cox-bass,  Eddie Allegrezza-Bass, Jon Fay-drums, Ron Bell- Keys
What have we been up to?
The Good: band is holding it's own while continuing the search for the elusive "permanent" guitarist.
The Bad: Another casualty of  the on going "search" was the loss of our brief stretch with bassist, Avel Rios. Very unfortunate, as he is a very skilled player and complimented Art quite well. Unfortunately he just couldn't hang with waiting for guitarists to lock into the progressions and rocked the boat so hard he fell out.
The Good: In coming replacement bassist Jeff Stedman ( of Cactus 5). Jeff and I had been in each other's online musical networks for like 4 years and spoken at various times about playing together but one or the other was unavailable until recently. Being a very quick study Jeff has been a pleasure. Get equipment, always prepared, great enthusiasm and positive approach in general. Of coarse we're coming up on his 3rd month and the "search" for the guitarist is beginning to be felt. Fortunately  as a temporary fix we have had the pleasure of uniting with Reuben Vigil (Big Reub and the Reloaders) who is working to replace Mike Keene as lead guitarist. In addition we have the pleasure of having Eddie J working in some keytar adding the beauty of the missing keyboard parts. Of coarse a permanent keyboardist is also on the "wish list". First things First.
The Bad: Unfortunately both Reuben and Eddie are not 100% available so while we're all having a fun and positive experience neither offers a permanent solution for the band. Fabulous for the "Sideman" directory though.
The Good: Spring is here, summer's on the way and gigs are lining up.
If you are a phenomenol guitartis who is comfortable as a solo guitarist in a four piece plus one comfiguration as well as expanded to two guitars, plus keys, .and even horns, are willing to rehearse once a week, will play necessary audition gigs, side bars as well as casino and corporate and festival events, for equal share and you are looking for a versitile original/cover band project to commit to, don't be shy give me a call
The Recording Project:'s proven to be a bit of a slow process. Back and forth with contract jargon is such a wet blanket for me. It virtually stalled the whole project. During this process emotions, doubt and excitement are all being felt simultaneously, which sucks for making business decisions. I've never been so ready and so reluctant at the same time. Really have to lose the reluctance, it doesn't belong in the equation. How? More inquiries to more key players and more resources. I must remember "patience is a virtue" and resist entering into any situation that will compromise my artistic flexibility once the project gets rolling. I quickly discovered (not unexpectedly) that having to wear so many "hats" casts a pretty big shadow over the artistic free spirit side of things and has a dampening effect on my motivation. So I...stand up! Shake it off and "Rise Above It!"'s all good, this will be a fun experience. The music is the easy part, dealing with everything else that stands in the way, from negative people to financial stress to make it happen, that's the tough part. I believe it will add to the value of the finished product.
Enough for now...Now come on out and show us some love! We promise to love you back!

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