Monday, April 29, 2013


Well it's official! I've begun production on my CD. This is a live long goal and one long over due. I was referred to a few very credible producers and after a great deal of deliberation have secured one of the finest producer/engineers in Southern California, Jay Henry. With an endless list of credits including Prince, LL Cool Jay, Denise Williams and George Micheal, to his name and some of the highest tech equipment and studio musicians, engineers and techs available we are off and running. I must thank my greatest supporter my husband Richard for his endless support and the encouragement of my dear friend John Borja the goal is clearly in sight.

DBZG has been enjoying a great year so far and although we have faced a number of twists and turns our live performance calendar continues to remain active and the list of great players continues to grow. With the addition of Jeff Stedman on bass and the Reuben Vigil rotating with Mike Keene on guitar we are enjoying a new fresh sound. Of couse maintaining a solid rhythm section with Art McAvoy on drums and Lenny Locken on rhythm guitar our sound continues to keep it's unique and signature style. The icing on the cake is the added styling of Eddie J on keytar or Mike McGinty on keyboard who join us on gigs whenever possible.

Best recent news; my husband Richard's health remains stable! Thanks to all my wonderful friends who have been so very supportive and caring. You're the BEST! To my loving family, you have my deepest appreciation and undying love.

___Watch for more updates and the release date for the new CD

Keepin the music LIVE