Monday, June 9, 2014

Thanks for listening!

Listen to With Love from Deborah Blake - EP by Deborah Blake on Rhapsody: #deborahblake

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Hard to believe we're off and running in 2014...

Well 2013 was a fun year. Even with all the pressure and changes looking back at my Facebook Year in Review 2013 in review it made me smile. The originals EP I released  With Love from Deborah - EP was a rewarding and fun experience. I was pleasantly surprised it was chosen to open the Cathryn Beeks Homegrown Hour on KPRI. It was an honor If you haven't heard it I encourage you to check it out (click on the Album title link) and would love to hear your feedback. Available for download on iTunes,, Spotify, etc...

I'm so looking forward to what 2014 has in store! I intend to limit performance dates in favor of spending more time writing and recording. I will also be dropping the ZeroGravity from my performance name. Since my company ZeroGravity Productions handles not only my band but other music projects as well and includes our web development business.

Regardless of my "intentions" however, I've already booked a few dates (I just can't say no, lol) you can find the dates and locations here at "Shows" . Come hangout with Artie McAvoy (drums), Jeff Stedman (bass) , Mike Keene (guitar) and a rotation of special guests on guitar, piano, harmonica, steel guitar, and sax. Guess you just have to show up to see who's there!

Here's wishing you all a productive and peaceful year in 2014 filled with, good health, good friends, good fun and great MUSIC!

Keepin the music LIVE