Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Been awhile...

Wow, how time flies! Getting back to writing and recording has been a welcome rest from the challenges of maintaining a "working" band. It is a great refueling period! Of course the performances did not totally halt (just can't seem to say "no", lol). I have found myself doing some fun and unexpected gigs and having the opportunity to perform some smooth jazz and classic standards.

On the "band" side of things, returning to my roots in country music has inspired me to revisit my "Honky Tonk" daze and sparked a strong desire to reform a vintage country blues band and so begins "Western Standard Time". Seeking out the right talent has proven a challenge. Not because there aren't fantastic country player but finding fantastic country players who have experience with ole school rockabilly and true Honky Tonk music (who are still alive and on their feet, lol) is, well, like finding a needle in a haystack. Starting off the project is my tried and true drummer Art McAvoy and sittin in on keys is Rick Spencer. Until we find our Webb Pierce or Lefty Frizzell to handle that special country nashville sound on guitar, we'll showcase some real fine guitarists until the fit is tight and right. Meanwhile we'll be working on our song selections, reviving some of the great classic country tunes. Steel guitar and fiddle will be the icing on the cake.___that's all for now!